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    Hi I need to change the word Da in Di here (I’ve used Magazine a block).

    I’ve tried Loco traslate with no success.
    Do I need a custom php function ?

    I also need this meta data to appear after per post title. Can You help me?

    I need this way:

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    can you give us a link to that page?


    Hi you have login data in private content :)

    site is under construction

    thanks !


    no i’m participant as you are.
    But i guess you are belonging to magazine.php line 1441 and the category for that post.

    $cats_html .=		'<span class="av-magazine-text-sep text-sep-cats">In</span>';

    but i do not see that this is in translated in any lang file – so it makes me wonder that you have there a “Da”


    No it is the word before the Author’s Name


    ok that is line: 1393ff:
    the first line is for the title of the anchor – the second line is for your shown text.

    and you see that here it is a translatable insertion:

    $author_link = '<a href="' . $author_link . '" title="' . __( 'by', 'avia_framework' ) . ' ' . $author_name . '" rel="author">' . $author_name . '</a>';
    $author_output  =	'<span class="av-magazine-author minor-meta">' . __( 'by', 'avia_framework' ) . ' ';

    this indicates the translatable text : __( 'TRANSLATABLE', 'avia_framework' )

    so you had to search for that “by” in the lang files

    btw: dear mods – maybe a translatable categorie pre word would be nice too!

    $cats_html .=		'<span class="av-magazine-text-sep text-sep-cats">'. __( "In", "avia_framework" ) .'</span>';

    PPS: it is the difference on english : by and from ;)


    Ok I was able to change the file .po


    Any idea for the second question? Is it possibile to move the author name after the title of post?



    Glad @Guenni007 was to able help. To move the author below the post title, try to add this filter in the functions.php file.

    add_filter('avf_magazine_header_content', function($header_content, $entry) {
    	$author = $header_content['author'];
    	$header_content['author'] = $author;
    	return $header_content;
    }, 10, 2);

    Best regards,


    Thanks it works. is it possible to have all on the same line “post title”+some white spaces+”di”+”author name”, such as in the pic?

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    Yes, that should be possible. Please try to add this css code to move the date beside the post title..

    .av-magazine .av-magazine-content-wrap .av-magazine-title {
        float: left;
        margin-right: 10px;

    Please toggle or temporarily disable the Enfold > Performance > File Compression settings after adding the css.

    Best regards,

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