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    Hi, I love the Enfold theme you created and I am currently working with how I would like to use the LayerSlider. I create for mobile first so I am testing the new design and performance on cellphones. I currently have a need to swap the image that is loaded as background for layerslider for mobile devices as I am using full width on the images. The fullsize images should be at least 1920 width images to give full quality on a PC computer. However, this is too heavy to load on mobile devices so I would like to have a responsive break on 900px and exchange the full image with slideimage_900.jpg and maybe the same on even more sizes to reduce the amount of KB loaded to the device.

    Is this supported in the theme or layerslider? Is there a 3rd party plugin that we could use with the theme to make this happen? That would be the perfect feature for this theme to give the best possible experience to both mobile and desktop user.



    Hi Chris,

    The layer slider is actually already a plugin of sorts within the theme and as far as I know that isn’t support for it at the moment. It might be possible with some custom css and media queries but it would need to be customized specifically for each instance of the slider and slide (even then I think it would still try and load both but only show the smaller one).

    But with that level of customization it would need to be done by a freelance developer as we aren’t able to get into that level of customization via support.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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