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    I believe that my icon boxes are using H3 title font size at the moment, but I need to make the font slightly smaller for a very specific page I’m building.

    What code should I paste in the Quick CSS General Styling Section and what do I type in the “Custom Css Class” field in the element itself.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Hey adoptionformychild,

    Add this to quick css:

    .postid-39730 h3.iconbox_content_title{

    Adjust to whatever size you would need.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Thank you. I think misdescribed how I intend to use that code. I plan to use this page’s html/css code as the base for a custom posts that will be generated using a Gravity Form. All of the posts that are created will follow the same format of that page.

    If I use that code as a base for future posts that are created, will the CSS code you supplied to me work?

    Thank you,




    If it’s a specific page template we could need the template class name.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Sorry, my coding skills are not very advanced yet. I don’t believe I’ve created a template class for it yet. I’m in the process of designing my post using the avia layout builder. When I was satisfied with the design, I wanted to save that code to use as my template.

    A few other details that might help.
    I recently created a custom post type called “available situations” and I’m hoping to make it so every new post that’s generated under that post type uses the new template I create (mentioned above). Currently, my Available Situations custom post type doesn’t have the ability to use avia layout builder (not sure if that matter for this request or not).

    1) If I provided you the name of what I wanted the template to be called, would that help you help me?
    2) When I’m done designing the template, should I “save entry as template” and whatever name I pick, will that be the template class name?

    Thanks for your help! :)


    Sorry for the late reply, thanks for the login, if I understand correctly you should add a custom class to your element such as “gf-icon-box” and then use the css Jordan gave you with the custom class like:

    .gf-icon-box h3.iconbox_content_title{

    then this would work wherever it was posted. Please note have the custom class for the element is all lowercase letters and there is no preceding dot, but in the css there is a preceding dot.
    The page you linked to above returned a 404 so I couldn’t demonstrate. Sorry but I can’t help with your CPTUI questions, I’m not that sure with it.

    Best regards,

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