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    If I enter a featured image in a blog post using the Enfold theme, it seems it uses a ‘thumbnail’ with the dimension: 1210×423 pixels. And as far as I can see it’s set through ‘entry_without_sidebar’.

    Actually I’d love to use featured images for showing my panorama’s which have an aspect ration of 3:1. So it would be nice to have featured images of 1210×403 pixels (may be 1200×400 pixels?). Or, since the width of my container is 1130 pixels: 1130×377 pixels. And I don’t like to use thumbnails which are resized by software, but original images in their original sizes.

    Issue 1
    Can I use the Simple Images Sizes plugin ( to change the featured image size? Or is it better to change it in functions.php (like suggested here: And how can I avoid the image used as featured image is a resized image?

    Then: since retina and 4K displays become more and more commonplace, I’d love to use a featured images which is @2x but displayed as @1x. For example: upload a featured image of 2400×800 pixels, which is displayed in an area with the dimension of 1200×400 pixels.

    Issue 2
    How can this be achieved for featured images?





    Using the Simple Image Sizes plugin should work i think, have you tried it? the size to edit will depend on your layout settings.

    Best regards,


    Ok, thnx. I’ll give it a try ;-)


    Let us know how it goes :)



    Continuing on this thread two years later.
    I have a similar question. I have resized the featured image using the Simple Image Sizes plugin. I does work but only to a degree as featured image doesn’t allow to pick a size when you actually choose the image and therefore it will not work with retina images.

    To be precise – Enfold featured images will not – as far I have noticed – work with the Retina 2x plugin by Meow Apps, simply because I have to choose the original retina sized image in the media library. The theme will then load the retina image at all times. This is of course not good, especially since an image that is too large will make the theme crop the image 12% in the top and bottom.

    I have searched this forum, but there doesn’t seem to be a good solution for retina images on the featured image yet. The only solution I can think of is to insert a normal size image as a featured image – say 800×450.jpg and then manually place the (Email address hidden if logged out) in the uploads directory via ftp. I havn’t tried it yet though.

    If I am wrong here or any one has come up with a better solution. I’d be happy to know about it.



    WP has a new feature that will automatically add responsive images using the srcset attribute but it’s not fully implemented in the theme yet. It will be added eventually but it will take a while. You can request the feature here:


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