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    Im very happy with enfold! but this is the first time that that the theme stop working..

    I change my domain, from .net to .com, I change the path inside worpress configuration, and everything works fine except the “advanced editor” of enfold (keep charging and nothing happens), and the “enfold theme options” (only opens the frontend options).

    Do I need to change some path also inside the enfold configure? maybe is pointing at the old url??

    Thanks a lot!


    Hi Victor!

    You’ll need to migrate your database just like you would when moving from a completely different domain. See: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -to-a-live-server/

    Best regards,


    I did that! and the images appears again… but as I said before, the options in the back dont work!


    Are you using Enfold version 2.9.2?


    Yes. Actually just 2.9 !


    You’ll need to be using 2.9.2 which was updated specifically to fix the spinning wheel bug that will happen if you aren’t using 2.9.2 :)


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    ok thanks!

    And there is a way to update the theme by the back-end if my “Enfold Options” screen is blocked (the javascript just display the homepage settings)…

    Because I modifify a lot of things in the files, so I prefered not to update by FTP.

    Thanks again!


    Yes, if you go to the documentation link above there is a video showing you how to update over FTP. Updating that way does not alter your theme options and only modifies your theme files directly.

    If you modified your theme files then you’ll need to save a local copy of your theme and re-add in those changes after updating.


    Thanks! it works well

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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