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    Hello, I am using a grid to display my blog posts on the “Blog” page, therefore I have left the page unset in the theme functions. However, doing this omits the /blog/ page from the breadcrumbs.

    How do I force the blog page to appear without having the theme force the default grid on the page?

    Thank you.


    Hey joy,

    Is there any particular reason why you don’t set it in the Enfold Theme Options? you just need to assign your Blog page in the Theme Options and that should fix the breadcrumb issue you’re having.

    Best regards,


    Yes, as I stated I am utilizing a grid(essentials grid) to display my posts instead of the default enfold blog grid. The default grid is extremely limiting.

    Is there a way that I can set the page, but prevent the default blog from taking over the page? Once I set the page, my custom grid disappears and all layouts disappears and only the default grid is shown. Thank you.



    Yes, go to Enfold > Blog Layout > Blog Layout, set this to Use the advance layout editor to build your own blog layout (simply edit the page you have chosen in Enfold->Theme Options as a blog page). Hope this helps.

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    Oh goodness! That makes it easy. Thank you!



    Glad we could help!
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    Thank you for using Enfold :)

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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