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    I want to change the custom.css, layout.css files like i used to do. Directly on theme folder, don’t want to use child theme or any other way like quick css…

    i need a answer as soon as possible.



    Fail to see what you’re asking lol, if you want to do that do it but you won’t be able to update your theme and will be vulnerable to hacks



    You can add your custom CSS codes to custom.css file but please do not forget to have a backup before updates.



    i change custom.css and the other css files and nothing happens.. it’s not cache, it’s something new in the functions that doesn’t respect the new code that i put in the files.

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    Please make sure that files have correct permissions ( 755 ) –
    You can contact your service provider and they can help you with that.
    I checked it once again on my local installation but custom.css file works totally fine




    it’s not permission.. when i go directly on the FTP the file is updated.. but when i open the site, it’s calling custom?ver=2..



    Try clearing your browser cache and any caching related plugins you may have installed. If your still having problems then send us a WordPress login and mark your reply as private and we’ll take a look.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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