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    I have 4 questions

    1. How can I change the background color of text boxes?

    2. I want to change the colour of text in text in text boxes in custom color. I only can choose from standard color range.

    3. Can I embed a powerpoint or apple keynote presentation on the website (like in ? If so how to do it.

    4. I want to put the website I am working on behind a password as long as it is not ready. Do I need to put a password on every page? Or is there a workaround to do it for the whole website in one go?

    5. Is there a way to get the Open Sans Font / typeface for use on the Mac, so I can make the font in prestentations equal. If not, what font on the mac is the closest match to Open Sans?

    Thx for helping me out on this one.



    Hey Rene!

    1-2. Refer to this (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -for-all-alb-elements/”>article, the codes you’d use in Quick would be:

    /* To change the background color */
    background: red;
    /* To change the color of the paragraphs inside it */
    .custom-text-box p{
    color: white;

    3. Not possible in those formats, what you need to do is upload them to a service like Slideshare or Google Docs and use the embed code they provide.

    4. Use this plugin.

    5. You can download Open Sans from Google fonts:,800



    Hi Josh, the link to the article you refer to is broken. No article there.

    Please advice




    Hey Rene!

    Please see article here – (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -for-all-alb-elements/

    Best regards,

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