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    I’m trying to add a centred image using HTML (using the theme options) between existing copyright text on the left and short-coded share buttons on the right.
    I tried instructions for adding to footer.php but this seemed more problematic.
    If I add <center> tags to my image, the image and share buttons are pushed down off the page. This might be due to the following Quick CSS I’ve used to position the share buttons:

    span.copyright { width: 100%; }
    #socket .av-share-box { line-height: 0px;  width: 20%; float: right; top: -30px; position: relative;

    Do you know how I might be able to achieve, on the same line: Copyright text —— Image ——- Share buttons ?

    Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide.


    Hi Leosoki!

    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under General Styling tab

    #socket center {
        top: -25px;
        position: relative;
        z-index: -1;



    Many thanks for an incredibly fast response, Yigit!

    That has indeed correctly positioned the image but I’m left with the share buttons still pushed down below the footer/off the page. (See image).
    I can only guess it relates to the existing Quick CSS I have used to position the share buttons but it could take me forever to correct that.

    Any further assistance with this would greatly speed things up for me :)


    Hi, sorry,

    I take that back… I changed top: -30px; from my share button CSS to top: -60px; and that seems to look fine.

    Apologies for the edit rather than a new topic, I wasn’t sure of the best procedure:

    I have an issue where the HTML used to insert the image next to the copyright text isn’t linked.
    Any idea why the image won’t link to external site?

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    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues :)


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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