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    I have four questions about a current site with WooCommerce that I’m working on.
    1. The product categories aren’t appearing anywhere on the site. We need them to appear on the Shop page and individual product pages.
    2. Do you have an updated WooCommerce CSV template for bulk upload? The default template offered by WordPress can be a bit wonky.
    3. When selecting a category for a product, what does choosing a “Primary” category do?
    4. The product images are not appearing in uniform sizes on the Shop page. How do I fix this?


    Has anyone seen this message?



    1. You can use a shortcode over a sidebar to make the categories visible
    2. We do not no unfortunately
    3. Primary is the main category for a product and then the product can have a subcategory also
    4. You need to upload them as high as possible and then our platform will generate them the correct way.

    Best regards,


    Thank you for your answers. In regards to the categories showing on the Shop page:

    Is the only way to show categories on the Shop by using a sidebar? I’ve used this theme before and we were able to show and sort categories at the top of the page but I’m not finding how to do that now.
    We’re not using sidebars on this site. If our only option to show categories is by using a sidebar, how do we only have a sidebar on the Shop page? Where is the setting for that?



    Sorry for the delay. You have the option to use the Masonry or the Blog Posts elements to display products in a page. The Masonry element contains an option where you can display sort buttons that filter items by category, but the layout would be different compare to the default product grid and users won’t be able to add any products to the cart.

    Now, if you want to disable the sidebar globally and only enable it for the Shop page, go to the Enfold > Sidebar Settings and toggle the settings accordingly, then edit the Shop page and set the Layout > Sidebar Settings to have a left or right sidebar.

    Best regards,


    Thank you, Ismael. I am currently traveling and look forward to exploring the options you’ve provided for my client. I appreciate your support very much.


    Hi phausner,

    Sure, please let us know if all this worked for you or if you need more help.

    Best regards,

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