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    Please take a look at http://www.gadzio.com add some product to cart on your mobile. The cart is not responsive layout like other pages.


    Hi gadzio,

    Not sure what you mean as it definitely is responsive. The one asterisk to that is that if you go too small, the table expands so that you will need to scroll over on a mobile device. This is to prevent a broken non readable table.

    You can test out various resolutions here: http://designmodo.com/responsive-test/




    Hi Devin;

    Thanks for you reply. I tested the cart page on the link you provided, it seems to be working fine but on my iPhone it’s not. Please take a look at the image from link below.


    Best Regards,



    As I said above, at the very smallest mobile resolution the cart stops responding to the width in order for it to not get too squished to read. So if you use the link above in iphone 4/5 there is no issue but when you get down to the ~340 pixel width the table stops reducing in size and instead expands to give better readability.


    FYI, The image is from my iPhone 5.


    Only Kriesi has any iphones for test at the moment so I’ll need to tag him to take a look. The change in the responsive layout should only ever occur below 480px if you take a look at the grid (line 456) so if that is happening there is something incorrect there.




    please update to the latest version (1.7.1)

    You will notice some improvements to the cart layout on mobile devices ;)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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