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    I am very new to WordPress etc. I have been having trouble uploading the theme to WordPress, I’m not too sure what I am doing wrong. But whenever I try and upload the ‘’ file I always get a 500 (Internal Server) Error.


    Hi ArcConcepts,

    You can try uploading via FTP if you are unable to install with the wordpress admin. See:





    When I download the ‘Installable WordPress File’ I don’t get an option to extract here when it’s on my desktop?



    Can you send me your login details to ///?

    Please include this thread on your email.



    Is it ok to use WinRar or do I have to use 7-Zip?


    You can use either of them as long as it allows you to unzip the file so that the inner contents can be uploaded.


    I unzip the main download then every time I upload the, it gets to 100% and then I get a 500 (Internal Server) Error.


    Have you tried uploading via FTP? Your server may have an issue with the amount of time it takes to unzip and uploading via FTP will bypass the issue.




    Hey, I was just about to try that. (I have hosting with GoDaddy) When I click on File Manager (Which was working yesterday). I get an error saying ‘Could not get directory info’ ?


    Ignore that last post. I got it sorted and I am currently uploading via FTP, hope it works.


    It’s all working now. Thanks for the great help guys!




    Glad we could help :)

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.

    As an aside, GoDaddy’s servers while getting better are still pretty awful. I would look into BlueHost as a comparable alternative that will keep things running on the server side of things a lot better than GoDaddy.

    If you have more of a budget for hosting, MediaTemple is where I host all of my client sites but the base cost is a bit higher.




    Sorry. I seem to be causing alot of trouble. I am aware I may have accidently deleted something. I’m not entirely sure what. Is there an easy fix or should I re-install it?


    It looks like you may have just imported the dummy data multiple times causing things to get duplicated.

    The only thing you’ll actually need to fix is in your Appearance>Menus within the wordpress admin. Go there and for the main menu that was created just delete it and re-build it.


    I have done this but there still appears to be multiple titles?



    I visited this link but I don’t see any multiple titles.

    Please watch some video tutorials here



Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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