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    I’m using http://fontello.com/ to get some custom icons. But when I download the zip and upload it the icons after the eight show a missing icon. It doesn’t matter which icons I select. The icons just stop working after the eight.

    Bug with icons


    Hey dirkvisser!

    That is most probably because we are also using the font family – or something wrong with the names you are calling.
    Possible any way we can see it so we can help you further?

    Best regards,


    Hello Basilis!

    I just tried renaming these icons by adding a zero to it. Still shows the missing icon though.
    icons bug

    So the full set would look like this:
    icons bug set

    I’ve put login details in the private content area.


    Anyone got an update for me on this problem?



    We are working on your ticket please wait while we update the results here soon.

    We checked for the issue and uploaded a bunch of icons more than 8 to be precise and it works fine.

    When you download the icons from fontello site please make sure to give the icon group a unique name


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    Hello Vinnie,

    Thanks for the help. I will do that from now on! You can mark this as resolved. :)

    Have a good weekend



    Great, glad we could help :-)


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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