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    Hi there, I have a couple of pages that I decided to make top-level pages in my menu. I manually changed this in the menu, but I am unable to reorder it when I edit the page. Consequently, my page slug still shows <parent-name/page> instead of just <page>. I set it to “no parent page,” and it looks fine, but after I click update, the page is back where it was before I tried to edit it.

    PS – In case it is relevant, my site is translated (using WPML).


    Hey MHM!

    Did you try to deactivate all plugin? Does the “parent page” option work afterwards? If yes try to activate the plugins one by one to find the culprit.

    Best regards,


    Hey, Dude! I’ve been working on this a bit more but still can’t find a solution. Deactivating the plugins did not make a difference.

    There are problems with both the default menu (ability to reorder pages) and with the custom menus. Here are some other menu errors that might be related:

    • I created a custom menu for Enfold, which I translated via WPML, but I can no longer assign this menu to a theme location. I would like to put it as the Enfold Main Menu, but I can’t. I check the box, save the settings, but when the Appearance > Menus page refreshes, the box is unchecked and the default menu shows. This is a problem because I’m unable to reassign pages to new parent / child locations, so the default menu is incorrect.
    • I’m also unable to remove the Blog link from my menu even though there is nothing there. I do not use the default Blog because I have three blogs and handle them as individual sites on my network. (My blogs have different settings than the rest of the site. For example, the blogs are not translated.)
    • The menu no longer lets me use the Mega Menu setting for some reason. I have Mega Menu checked, but the default dropdown menu displays. *On second thought, this may be because the default menu is showing instead of my custom menu. So let’s hold off on investigating this one.*
    • The custom menu only lets me add so many items. Actually, I added more items, but once I save and refresh, the last two content sections disappear from the list of pages on the Appearance > Menus page.

    I do not believe these issues are caused by user error. I have used Mega Menu, assigned menus to theme locations, etc. in the past. I believe the theme is up to date, as is WP (3.8). Thank you!

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    Hello, has there been any news on this? Thank you, Peter.



    You need to change your server configuration – see https://kriesi.at/support/topic/part-of-menu-gone/#post-207973
    Unfortunately there’s nothing else I can do to help you.

    Best regards,


    Hi Peter, suhosin does not appear to be run by Bluehost, so I think that this link and this link are more applicable in my situation (re: max_input_vars and related code). Tried these, and they might have helped slightly but did not fix the problem.

    Thank you for addressing my question about custom menu item limit, but unfortunately I am still having problems with the default menu. I will not need a custom menu if I can get the default menu to work properly.

    Whether I am in All Pages or editing a specific page, I try to save a new parent / child location or a new menu ordering, but this does not save once I refresh the page. Therefore, I am unable to move pages, and I am unable reassign pages as parents / children. Please advise.


    I would like to try to deactivate Enfold to test whether I can reorder pages while using a different theme. If I do this, will I get my settings back when I reactivate?

    My Enfold is highly customized (both styling and the other settings in Enfold). I am also using WPML, so there are many versions of Enfold on this main site. Consequently, I wanted to check first. (I’ll back everything up, but I’d rather not have to reinstall my site if possible.)



    You should be able to switch without issue. All theme settings are saved in the database based on the currently active theme so unless you uninstalled the theme they would stay there while another theme was active.

    Best regards,


    Thanks, Devin! I appreciate the advice. I was able to test, but it did not fix the problem.

    However, I have talked to my host and found the issue. It’s so silly. The issue is that I had upgraded the max_input_vars from 1000 to 5000, but the site didn’t know it because it was still in the comments on the php.ini file. I hadn’t realized it because this file was only one long string of text and code, not formatted into lines.

    Thanks for y’all’s patience! Hope this thread helps someone else if they find themselves in similar shoes.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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