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    Using an apostrophe in a Special Heading won’t show the heading. Bug? Or do I need to do something in the code?




    Try to use the html entity instead:

    & #39;

    and remove the space between & and #




    Thanks for the reply Dude, that doesn’t seem to do the trick however.



    Ok, I tested this now and it seems like the editor strips the apostrophe when you save the text. I’ll mark this for Kriesi as a bug.

    Best regards,



    Just tested and it doesn’t work in Button labels either.



    It seems to be working fine on my end although when saved the editor becomes blank sometimes. This is what I have.




    Not sure what to say, I put it in just like your Ismael and it doesn’t show on the page: See the header, Whats in Shakeology?



    Please update your theme at

    I am looking on your page but I am not sure what am I supposed to see.




    Thanks Nick. You can close this issue now, I’ve found a work around. If I have a heading with an apostrophe in it, I use quotes for the option, i.e. my heading reads: [av_heading heading="What's in Shakeology?" tag='h3' color='' style='' padding='10']

    I don’t think you should have to do that, but it works.

    fyi, the link I provided previously was to show you if you scrolled down to the heading What’s in Shakeology, it actually read: What's in Shakeology.



    Ahh.. And you are right, it will be corrected , you can be sure of that.





    The problem is, since the builder also just uses shortcodes which are hidden behind the editor element, if you use an apostrophe it breaks the generated shortcode. So for now all apostrophes are converted by the generating script.

    Will think about a way to fix that with a future release…

    Edit: found a nice workaround. next version will have better apostrophe handling ;)


    Awesome, thanks Kriesi and Nick.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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