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    My contact form is located at When I submit a contact, it sends the confirmation email to the requester, but doesn’t send the email to my email – even though specified in the setup. Everything else works, except the email to me. Please help. Thanks.


    Me too, my contact page doesnot work properly…..Help please.

    Please contact me:

    Skype: hvdnghia

    Y!M: thuankieunet


    Can any one help please, my contact page does not work,……It is not send email.


    Can we get a response from support, please?


    Hi axiom555,

    The contact form just uses the built in wp mail/php mail function so it should work as long as the server is letting it get sent out. Two things to check are your spam filters/folders and also make sure the email you are using for them to be sent to is based on your domain (

    You can try checking your servers mail functionality by installing something like Contact Form 7 and setting up and using a basic form which will at least check to see if regular mail functions are without issue.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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