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    Hey powerhobomc,
    Try to update manually via FTP:

    Best regards,


    I have done this, made sure to clear caches, and nothing has changed. The exact error remains. This occurs if I try to log in from /wp-admin.php or even if I try to access the website front-end. As of now our site is inaccessible and it is costing us daily business.



    Check if there`s some plugin conflict disabling all of them and check it again.

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    I cannot access the WP dashboard, so I had to do that by renaming the plugin folders; hopefully that will suffice. There are no plugins active; the error referencing an error in an Enfold file persists.

    Fatal error: Declaration of avia_sc_comments_list::shortcode_handler() must be compatible with that of aviaShortcodeTemplate::shortcode_handler() in /home/content/34/9013334/html/wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/comments.php on line 14


    I have also reinstalled Enfold with a fresh download via FTP since renaming all plugin folders, but still with no success. It still reports the error with the avia-shortcodes/comments.php file.

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    What version of PHP are you running on the server? We recommend that you run 5.6 or anything above that.

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    That was it. We were running 5.3; upgraded to 5.6 and everything is now appearing normally.

    Thank you, Rikard, John, and Mike. All of the help is truly and greatly appreciated.



    Great, glad you got it working and thanks for the feedback. Please let us know if you should need any further help on the topic or if we can close it.

    Best regards,

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