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    I understand that this issue may not be specific to the theme so please forgive me if the request for support is misdirected.

    I’m looking at my admin dashboard and I see 4 pending (trackbacks/comments) but they’re all spam.
    My issue is that, even in the comments review area, there’s no checkbox or function available to me to delete (or, should I prefer, approve) them.
    I’ve uploaded a screenshot to imgur here to help illustrate the issue. http://imgur.com/U5c9JYm

    Thanks in advance for any help and direction.



    Hi mwhardesty!

    They should appear when you hover them, however if they don’t, there must be some sort of JavaScript conflict, try disabling all plugins and updating your WordPress installation.

    Best regards,


    Hey Josue,

    Just following up with my solution in case anyone has a similar configuration.

    I figured out that it was a result of a bbPress plugin which rewrote user permissions (and thus, removed the ability to delete comments for that user role).

    The plugin that caused the issue was a brief conflict between GD bbPress Tools and Events Manager. The issue was not a bug in either plugin, but rather the initialization of each upon installation. The GD bbPress Tools plugin introduced new permissions to user roles. However, in doing so, it seems that some user roles were reset.

    The fix was simple. In events manager, I simply went to the general tab and expanded the “User Capabilities” section. There, I checked the appropriate permissions for each user role.

    Thus, simplified:
    1) Install the theme (and child theme if necessary)
    2) Install bbPress plugin
    3) Install GD bbPress Tools plugin
    4) Install Events Manager plugin
    5) Check permission settings in GD bbPress Tools & Events Manager plugins to ensure permissions are set correctly for each user role.
    6) Works perfectly.


    Excellent, thank you very much for sharing it :)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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