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    Please see:

    https://goodshepherdbangkok.com/ which is built via the Enfold theme.

    The Learn More and Get Involved buttons on the Home page have broken links.

    But I cannot see where to go to edit those button links.

    Also, I want to add more similar buttons.


    Hey NevNic,

    Edit the page in question, then edit the Slider on the page, then click the first image and select the captions tab. You can set the links there.

    Best regards,


    Thank you for your reply.
    But, I had already tried that.
    When you open the slider there is no reference to the “LEARN MORE” and “GET INVOLVED” buttons.
    Did you try that out before replying?


    Hi NevNic,

    Best regards,


    Yes, and which slide to edit to change the links in “LEARN MORE” and “GET INVOLVED”?!



    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -Bangkok.jpg” alt=”Home” />


    Any further advice on this issue?

    Unless I am missing something, your suggested solution was not helpful.


    Hello. Is there anyone there?



    – Please edit your page
    – Then edit your slider
    – Then edit your first slide with caption “Good Shepherd Sisters, Bangkok”
    – Then go to Caption tab and scroll down to edit links

    Best regards,


    OK, got it now!

    Thank you.

    Now, how can I add a 3rd or 4th button?



    You are welcome!
    Currently slider only supports two buttons in captions.

    Best regards,


    Oh dear! :-(( :-(( :-((

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