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    Quick question,

    My client for whom I used Enfold as the theme ( I do on all my new websites) has been receiving a lot of horrid messages via the default enfold contact form as her site has to do with how her Grandmother was defrauded by two family members. They have plead guilty. Anyway someone else has been sending messages they the contact form and while nasty I was thinking we’d ignore them. But now they have elevated to actual death threats and she is very scared. Since the person doing this (they are all coming from one person that’s clear) enters the email addy into the form I can’t prove where they are actually coming from and its obvious they are using false email addys. Is there anything in the back end that actually tracks the real sender email addy? If so I could forward this to the police. I don’t see anything and would probably think not but it’s worth asking.

    Thanks for your help nm this one.



    Hey tonyiatridis,
    Thanks for your question, but unfortunately when the email is sent via the contact form on your site it is not going to show their real email address.
    I would recommend using a plugin to track IP addresses, such as Banhammer you could then give this to the police to investigate or you could ban the IP address from your site.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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