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    Hi, I’m working on a site using Enfold template and been able to add some nice customization to the Main Content and Alternate Content global styling options. I have a sidebar layout on a handful of pages including the homepage, and would like the sidebar to standout more from the light background texture I added to the Main Content.

    Through another thread I was able to find a css solution to add a background color to the sidebar, but it doesn’t affect the margins and wrapper. Ideally I could apply the Alternate Content style to the whole right sidebar container or at least make everything to the right of the border the same color.

    The working site for reference is tedxbeacon.wpengine.com.

    Appreciate the help!


    Yes, actually you can to add the alternate content class to the sidebar container. Open up /wp-content/themes/enfold/sidebar.php and search for

    echo "<div class='sidebar sidebar_".$sidebar." ".avia_layout_class( 'sidebar', false )." units'>";

    You can add any class(es) to the div – i.e.use

    echo "<div class='sidebar sidebar_".$sidebar." ".avia_layout_class( 'sidebar', false )." units alternate_color'>";

    to apply the alternate color to the sidebar div.


    @alittlewing what are you using for the video gallery on the site? I have a site with a youtube channel that I need to embed.




    @zerozendesi: You can use the Portfolio items to act as a video gallery.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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