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    Nick Ray Ball

    Can I load a new Enfold Theme onto WordPress 5.5 on a Server using php 5.6.30

    The website is not live yet, but it will be

    Other websites I have using Enfold are

    These were all made in about 2017

    My problem is I have a website
    That uses old PHP
    So if I upgrade the server to the latest PHP it will probably fall apart

    So I hoped (for now) to load WordPress 5.5 and then add the Enfold Theme
    And update them all later.


    Hey Nick,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. The PHP version you are using is old, and not supported by either WordPress or Enfold. You might be able to run the latest version of the theme on that PHP version, but it’s likely that you will run into problems.

    Best regards,


    Hi, Thanks,
    Unfortunately, I can’t upgrade my server’s php right now, it will break a lot of other projects.

    I have 5 licences from 2015 and 2016, and I’m trying to update the theme, as the WP upgrade broke the homepage layer slider.

    But I can’t find the API Keys

    Both but the layout has changed
    Go to ‘Settings@ and then find either:
    or API Keys

    But there are no such options, and the current layout of settings has none of the blurred-out options in the graphic.
    Can you help with this
    Are there updated instructions, or what am I doing wrong?

    Nick Ray Ball

    Further on the 6 websites I have online – only two have API keys registered, and both are the same (I think due to the website being a duplicate)

    Best Regards
    Nick Ray


    Me again.
    In case you can only answer sales questions.
    I don’t mind buying a new theme, that was my idea, I would like the support and as it’s only a little more to buy a new theme than it is to extend the support on an older purchase so I may as well buy a new theme.

    But when I got your answer, I worried that an older version – as I have – may be better.

    But I don’t think so.

    So my question is simply, is there any reason why a new Enfold theme, bought today, would be worse for me on my PHP 5.5 server, than an older theme?

    Nick Ray Ball.
    See me at


    Hi Nick,

    We are trying to make Enfold updates backward compatible but we cannot guarantee that the latest version of Enfold would work on PHP 5.5.

    You may be able to update the theme using the Envato Market plugin: Please create a staging copy of your site and try updating Enfold there.

    If you’d like us to send you an older version of Enfold, please check out the release dates on the change log ( and let us know which version you’d like to get.



    Hi Yigit
    Ideally, I would like to get the new theme and if there is a problem, swap it for an earlier release date.

    Can I do that?

    Nick Ray



    Sure. You can log into with the account you purchased Enfold and go to the Downloads page to download the latest version

    If you experience any issues, please let us know which version you’d like to get and we’ll send it here.



    Thanks Yigit

    That’s really cool


    I found a way to create a new subscription on Plesk and can now use PHP 7.3.11 (that was the option it gave)
    But I see 8.1 is the most current and will try and use that (if I can).

    Will the latest Enfold Theme be ok on:
    PHP 7.3.11
    PHP 8.1

    Best Regards
    Nick Ray Ball


    Hey Nick,

    Yes, it should work on both 7.3.11 and 8.1 versions.



    As well as the new website – that we have spoken about so far.

    I need to upgrade the theme on (and other sites)
    The server is upgrading PHP to 7.4

    Must I buy a new theme to get the latest version?
    Or can I upgrade the old theme?

    Any landmines I should expect trying to get an old 2015 theme 3.3.2 website upgraded to a new theme?
    Can a paid support package help with this type of question?


    Hi Yigit.
    Hope you are doing well.

    I have bought the new theme for :)
    And will load it as soon as I’ve worked out if I can upgrade Plesk to automatically install the newest version of PHP from 7.3 to 8.1

    But, I cant work out how to start a new support thread on

    I want to know about the question above and how to work out which of my previously bought licences are for which website and how to find or get real API keys for them, and how to upgrade them.

    Let me know if I need to open a new thread or if its best to keep chatting on this one?

    Best Regards
    Nick Ray Ball


    Thanks for your patience, to open a new support thread please click the big blue button at the top of the Enfold support page, or this link. I assume that you have already registered for your support account with your new license.
    Licenses are not linked to a domain, whatever Envato Token you use for that domain is fine, should you close that domain in the future you can use the Token on another site, but only one domain at a time.
    You can only see the full Token details in your Envato (Theme Forest) account, if you have old API keys I don’t think you can check these as the API keys are not valid anymore.
    If you have old themes asking for API keys to update, you will need to update manually first, then create new Tokens in your Envato account and then add them to your sites so you can update in the future.
    To update your old versions of Enfold you will need to download the latest installable WP version from your Theme Forest account and upload it to your WordPress ▸ Appearance ▸ Themes ▸ Add Themes ▸ Add New
    after you choose the zip file and click install, you will see a This theme is already installed message because you are updating, you can continue
    then you will see the Theme updated successfully message.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike and Kriesi.

    I have now bought what I thought was the Enfold 5.0 Modern Theme
    And registered for Support
    It took a bit of time to work out how to change the PHP limits on my server to load it. But I managed and felt pretty good about accomplishing that.

    But either,
    It’s almost precisely the same as the Enfold Themes I bought back in 2015.
    Or I have bought the Old theme by mistake?
    Or download the old version?.
    It says 2016 on the homepage and looks like the starter kit I used back then t create in 2015

    It’s OK if it’s not been updated since 2016. Kind of like playing an old video game. And I can use the same video tutorial to style it

    But if so I find it a bit odd that you would not update it.

    Can you let me know if I have the correct purchase (your latest/best creation)
    This is the site I have loaded it onto

    Nick Ray Ball


    Hi Nick,

    Can you let me know if I have the correct purchase (your latest/best creation)

    Yes, you bought the correct version and your website uses the latest version. We frequently update the theme. The most recent update was 6 days ago.

    You aren’t using any demos right now. You can go to Enfold theme options > Demo Import and import one of the Enfold demos to make your site look more modern.

    Compared to the old version you were using, there are a lot more options in Enfold theme options and more features in elements. There are plenty of new elements too. You can check out the change log to see what’s new in each update :)

    Best regards,


    Thanks, Yigit,

    I’ve been looking at the Demos and they are great.
    I see that there is the option to choose one element from one and other elements from others. That’s cool and we will come back to this.

    For now, I need advice on 4 of my 2015 websites.

    Due to PHP updates – I need to upgrade the Theme on all of these sites.
    How do I do that?

    And of particular importance
    On upgrading the WordPress version (before we upgraded the theme) the pagination on the blog broke on
    We can roll this back on the server to before and start again, this time upgrading the theme first.
    Do you think that would help – upgrading the theme before upgrading WordPress? (before upgrading the PHP)
    I tried a search on the Forum for “pagination on the blog went missing when updating WordPress” but I saw no results.

    Best Regards
    Nick Ray Ball


    For the pagination your site the site is using Enfold v3.3.2 with WordPress v5.1.15, this version of Enfold doesn’t support WP v5+ and needs to be updated, thus the cause for the pagination issue.
    The four sites you listed above range in versions between v3.3.2 & 4.2.6 all of these will need to be manually updated following the steps I posted earlier.
    I see that you have posted that you purchased a new license please register for the support forum here and open a new support thread here.

    Best regards,

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