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    I”d like to assign a link to a color section image so that when I click it that I’ll be taken to another page (not on our site) Right now I have an image inside the color section with an href link tied to that image but I’d like the image to cover the full area like the background image of the color section does, so I thought I’d check and see it’s possible to assign a link to it.

    If you have any guidance on how (or if) I can achieve this, let me know.



    Hey Jane!

    You can give a unique ID to your color section and add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling tab to make your image inside color section fullwidth

    #color .container { width: 100%; }

    please change #color to your ID



    Here’s a quick tip for putting a hyperlink on your color section, if you want background image to be hyperlink.

    Simply add code block to your color section and add something like this:

    <a style="width:1195px; height:110px; display:block;" href="" target="_blank" title="Our Youtube channel. Click to visit"></a>

    If you hyperlink is a bit to the right, that’s because color section has a padding of 50 (at lease in my case). In that case add custom ID to color section as suggested above, and this in your quick css:
    #my_custom_id .container {padding:0!important;}

    Good luck,



    Thanks for sharing @shockmartin!




    I tried doing it the same way, but unfortunately I cannot manage my link to change height and width.
    At the moment I am using this code:
    my not expanding link
    As I understood, the link should be working over the whole color section now (at least if the color section is not bigger than 1000x1000px), right?
    Unfortunately it does not, so what is wrong with my code?

    Thank you!



    Please post us your login credentials (in the “private data” field), so we can take a look at your backend.

    Login credentials include:

    • the URL to the login screen
    • a valid username (with full administration capabilities)
    • as well as a password for that username
    • </ul

      Best regards,

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