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    Hi Kriesi,
    Is there a way to add a button / two buttons with icon in menu? I have done it with #menu-item CSS but I would like to have buttons with icons.

    Example here

    This would be a great feature for a couple of my other customers too.




    Hey vollern!

    You can create a button using the Advance Layout Editor then inspect the button element. Copy the actual html code. Edit header.php, find this code:


    Below, add the html code for the button.

    <div class="avia-button-wrap avia-button-center avia-builder-el-0 avia-builder-el-no-sibling "><a href="" class="avia-button avia-icon_select-yes avia-color-theme-color avia-size-medium avia-position-center "><span class="avia_button_icon" aria-hidden="true" data-av_icon="" data-av_iconfont="entypo-fontello"></span><span class="avia_iconbox_title">Click me</span></a></div>


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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