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    Hi there guys :)

    I’m a bit stuck & would appreciate some help!
    I’ve recently updated to the latest version of Enfold, and I’m working with a Child Theme.

    I have three NB issues:

    1. For some reason all my Buttons are not working properly. When I add a new button using the Avia Layout Builder, the default button works, but the moment I change any button settings, they don’t seem to work anymore :(

    2. All my portfolio thumbnails are not linking to their corresponding portfolio pages – I’m getting a 404 error. Not sure what the problem is? I’m worried now!!

    3. On many of my portfolio pages I’ve added an audio snippet using the following html, and now for some reason it’s not working? (it was working before)
    [audio src="" text="Gavin Minter Debut (sample)" dl="0"]

    Your urgent help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you so very much.

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    2. I could only see 2 buttons on the start page reading ‘view, I’m not entirely sure what you are trying to do there. Could you try to explain a bit further please?

    4. I wasn’t able to find any audio links here: Could you please specify exactly where to find them?

    Best regards,

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    Could you please provide us with a temporary admin login so that we can take a closer look? You can post the details here as a private reply.


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    1. This was a bug in a previous version. Perhaps not all of the files are updated. Try completely deleting Enfold from your WordPress theme directory before downloading + uploading a fresh copy from themeforest. This will ensure all files are updated and not corrupted.

    2. Add this to your custom CSS.

    .entry-content-wrapper audio { visibility: visible !important; }


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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