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    Hi, iv never used the entypo font icons before so not sure i go about changing them…
    at the moment i its only showing the music note icon and i cant see where abouts i can change it??

    iv used fontawesome before and with that you just use css content: and add the code to the icon you wish to use…

    anyone can show me how to do with this one??


    If you use the advanced layout builder and drag&drop the icon element into the content area,
    you can mouse over the placed icon and a options bar will show above the icon element.
    There you can duplicate, edit or delete this element.

    if you choose edit, you can change the icon and the style.


    Hi Flikk thanks for your reply, but am not on about the icon them selfs i mean the buttons (links) which have a icon in them!

    using the advanced layout builder – button shows a icon but dont no how to change that one??


    Its the same as with the icon element.
    you might have to scroll down in the option panel of the button depending on your screen size.
    The option to disable / change the icon is at the very bottom.



    Take a look:


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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