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    Small issue

    I need 2 call to action buttons on every page any way to create one in side bar or in the footer.

    Also RSS feed isnt working at all what am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for all help!


    1) I’d recommend a text widget – you just need to insert the button shortcode into the text field and then save the widget. You can generate the button shortcode by using the “Magic Wand” icon on the post editor page. Then copy/paste the code into the text widget field.

    2) Please post a link to your website.


    Dude thank you for your help.

    Very clever answer for #1 – YOU ARE THE DUDE!

    This is the site – “under construction” of course – saccdetroit.org



    Google Chrome doesn’t support rss, you need to add plugins to read feeds.


    Checking your rss feed on Firefox works for me. http://saccdetroit.org/?feed=rss2



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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