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    I’m using Business Directory plugin and there’s an issue with the lightbox gallery thumbnail display for each directory entry. On mouseover of the thumbs they carriage return down the page into a column. The lightbox effect still works and the images can be viewed in larger formats but this problem doesn’t happen if I switch to another theme.
    Here’s a link ..
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    Any idea what’s going on? I’m using the latest version of Enfold.
    It happens in all browsers..



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    Anybody able to help with this?

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    I am sorry, but you will have to ask for support the plugin creator.
    There is something bugging to their code that destroys the function of the effects.

    Thansk a lot for oyur patience and understanding

    Best regards,


    This is the support forum isn’t it?



    We support enfold theme. You are using a 3rd party plugin which is not a part of this theme. To get support for any issue related to the plugin please contact the plugin author as they know their plugin best.



    Hi Vinnie,

    But it’s an issue with Enfold. If I switch the to another theme the issue doesn’t occur..




    Note that we don’t provide support for third party plugins as stated on our support policy. There are tens of thousands of plugins available in the market and only a handful of support member so it’s impossible to provide support for every plugin issues specially when the plugin doesn’t have native configuration in the theme. I’m sorry but you have to contact the plugin author for additional help.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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