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    I am having an issue trying to get the burger menus to what I want them to be. My (English language) main homepage is a one-page design so most of the main menu links down the page. I then made a 2nd homepage where most content will be in a second language. I used Conditional Menus to switch the menu for this 2nd homepage and it works well for the desktop.

    I wanted to have a Mobile Menu so that I can link/select a second set of popups (for team member bios) and such (using Popup Maker) because I want to reset the popup sizes for mobile.

    1. This would in a sense be four different Menus, but Enfold only has one mobile menu option.
    2. I resorted to letting Enfold adapt the main menu and I did not select a mobile alternative in the Header settings. The main menu adapts for the burger, but not the 2nd page where I used Conditional Menu does not adapt the switched menu.

    Is there a way to have a second mobile menu to work on my 2nd homepage? It will be the only page using it.
    Is there a conflict or overwrite that Enfold is doing so the 2nd homepage menu (using Condition Menus to switch) doesn’t adapt for mobile/burger? Is there a way to code/fix this?


    Are there other plugins that may work or is it an Enfold issue? I already tried Menu Swapper, but the burger does not show up with a swapped menu, but it is okay for desktop.
    I appreciate any help!



    Thank you for the inquiry. And quite sorry for the delay.

    This option is not available out of the box, so it will require a bit customization to make it work the way you want it to. You can maybe add another set of menu in the includes > helper-main-menu.php file.

    Have you tried using the Zen Menu Logic or the If-Menu plugin?


    Best regards,

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