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    Has anyone had experience using both the internal forms vs. Gravity Forms? Wondering if it makes sense to use the external plugin. I don’t know if there’s any conflicts so that’s why I’m checking.

    I have a few semi-sophisticated forms I need to whip up. I think either could handle the job though.


    Enfold should be compatible with Gravity Forms (I tested it and I couldn’t find a conflict) and we even added some css code for better styling/css integration (based on the code I posted here: ).

    I can’t say if Gravity Forms is worth the money – it definitely comes with more options, features, etc. and if you need an advanced contact form (which supports conditional logic, etc.) you should use it. However if you just need a simple form with a text message field, etc. it’s not required at all. Btw a good alternative is Formidable – I use it on my websites and it works with Enfold too.


    Thanks Dude :)

    Any advantages to using Formidable Forms? You mentioned you used it. It must do something unique and different from Gravity Forms?

    – John


    I don’t want to say Formidable is better than Gravity Forms (imo this is not true) but it’s an alternative. Obviously it depends on your personal preference and on the budget because Formidable is cheaper (117$ one time payment vs 200$ and 100$ recurring payment). I tested both plugins and Gravity Forms is more popular (you can use it with WooCommerce and many other third party plugins) but the popularity doesn’t say anything about the quality of the plugins and imo both plugins are very similar and they can compete with each other.


    Thanks for the perspective. You guys are great!


    – John

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