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    This is strange. I’ve been working at this for hours, a huge guess and check, trial and error issue. This theme is so awesome I struggle to call this a bug, but it’s not a CSS issue.

    Page examples in Private Content.

    Some kind of element added through the Layout Builder is causing an issue: only some of my elements show up as “skinny” in mobile, looking like the width is set to 50% or less, but looking at the CSS the width is 100%. Adding CSS like @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {.responsive #top #wrap_all .container { width: 90% !important; max-width: 90% !important; }} doesn’t fix it, this problem isn’t CSS caused and CSS shouldn’t be the fix. It doesn’t happen on every page. The exact same element, copied and pasted through the “Templates” feature, on some pages it appears about 90% wide (correct), on other pages, less than 50% wide (incorrect).

    Through guess and check, sometimes removing “Color Sections” fixes the width of the elements. Sometimes removing the “Accordian” fixes it, sometimes moving the skinny element up on the page fixes it. Whatever is causing the issue seems to affect all elements below it. There is something going on that is making some elements “skinny” in mobile “sometimes”.

    Please don’t resolve with CSS, because when the same element looks fine on one page and not the other, there must be a better solution. Also, removing ALL of my custom CSS, the issue is still present. I’d like to know what is causing this weird error?

    This “bug” is also not only affecting mobile, but affecting desktop. Look at the different font sizes. Again, the exact same element, just two different pages.

    Here are images so others know what I’m talking about. These images are the exact same element, one two different pages.




    Hi enfold4phil,

    Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the login details. On what page are you having this problem?




    I’ve had it on a couple of pages, but always seemed to resolve it by removing or changing the offending element, but not this time. The page is Photo Booth. Thanks



    A few of the sections are outside the main container. Please make sure that all elements are wrapped inside a color section.

    Best regards,


    That was it! It was a combination of BOTH my “Content Slider” and “Text” that was not in a Color Section, and has to be a Color Section – putting these 2 elements in a 1/1 section doesn’t fix the issue (even though I have other 1/1 sections on their own). Ismael, why is that? Why would these elements not being in a Color Section break the look?



    I’m not sure exactly what is causing it but sometimes the builder layout breaks for various reasons and putting the content inside of a Color Section element helps get it back looking the way it should. Sorry for not being able to give you a more precise explanation but if we knew the exact reason for this we would fix it :-)

    Best regards,

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