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    Hi dear Kriesi,

    the special heading tag offers to put a subtitle above or below the heading. I used to prepare one page with sample text and later on decided to not display such a subheading. I only toggled the appropriate option to “no subtitle”, but kept the sample text (“Der Kracher-Untertitel”) in the input field.

    Now I came across this: special heading hidden subline is shown

    The content of the subtitle input is delivered in the frontend. Only the CSS hides it, but Google finds it.

    Can You please consider to fix this in future versions. It would be great, if it would be enough to simply toggle between “no subtitle”, “above” and “below” without the need to remove the subtitle content everytime I chose “no subtitle”.

    Thank You


    Hey mailworm!

    feel free to make a feature request here:

    Try to work with a SEO plugin like the one from Yoast.



    Hey mailworm!

    Thank you for using our theme.

    I checked the php code. In the latest version this should not happen.

    Can you kindly wait for the update to 3.5.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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