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    New to the theme; had problems with Import Settings File function. File was created properly, I uploaded and appears in media lib; imported w/out any prob.

    Dummy content area in admin showed the actual color choices, etc. However, they don’t appear on the webpage unless you “tickle” each field (enter into a hex value field and edit a variable. Only after tickling a field did the imported settings work.

    This didn’t happen in earlier imports, so appears to be intermittent; may be due to my trying to clear everything out and start over with a clean install w/demo content. I had deleted all posts, comments, menus, media, etc. Re-imported demo content. Re-imported settings I had created earlier with Export Settings File.


    Hi Dave!

    Thank you for the info.

    Maybe the enfold.css file is stuck and needs to be regenerated again by toggling any settings and saving the changes on the theme options. Make sure that the dynamic_avia inside the wp-content/uploads folder got the right file permission.



    Thanks, Ismael,
    What you are saying above as a suggestion is what I meant by “tickling” (moving a value then storing the same again even though there was no change). I.e., the preview pane is visually showing the actual color values that they’re supposed to and the hex values are correct. That’s what make me think it’s a bug, not a permissions problem. FYI, I’m working on a local XAMPP set up, so file permissions for dynamic_avia are managed by the OS (not on a remote server yet for my dev project), but permission show read/write for me.




    Thanks – we’ll see if we can change this somehow but tbh I feel this is a minor issue since saving the options after the import is recommended anyway.

    Best regards,


    I’m sorry, there’s a misunderstanding here. I did save after import. The issue is that the preview is showing the imported settings, and the settings are not being used at all even with a save; at that point the updated/published site didn’t change.

    The only way the settings would appear would be to go into each parameter field and re-enter the values that were imported (you could just delete and retype a single character). So the preview does show the correct values (so the code is seeing those values), the updated website did not until I re-entered. Hope clear now…




    Ah, ok – now I understand the issue. I’ll try to reproduce it on my test servers and forward the details to Kriesi.




    Very weird. I am afraid I cant reproduce the issue and without seeing the backend there is little chance I can start debugging it. My best guess is that is some kind of server setting which differs from the settings most people use since we didnt get any similar reports.

    Are you planning on moving the installation to a live server anytime soon? If so and the problem persits feel free to let us know and we will gladly check your installation. backend and ftp alike :)

    Meanwhile I am afraid we need to wait for someone to report a similar issue who can grant us access to his server…

    Best regards,

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