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    I got recently a picture problem in my posts. Some pictures are not showed in Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers. Other browsers (Safari, iExplorer) seem to do well (for the moment).
    And the same problem on my Galaxy S6 — some pictures do miss.

    Here’s an example of one broken image of 3 post’s images:

    Another example of one broken image of 5 post’s images:

    Important details: all pictures are added to posts in the same manner. The code is right. Proof: if you click on the broken picture’s icon (link) it appears correctly in the lightbox. The paradox is that the majority of posts are with all images, but in some posts one or maximum 2 pictures are broken in the post field, but may be instantly seen in the lightbox.
    All posts were correctly shown when published. This problem occurred since 2-3 weeks. And I could not find any solution. I even deactivated Enfold Child style.css file, but it changed nothing.
    What’s the problem?


    Hey Anton!

    Have you tried disabling all of your plugins, clearing your chance and flushing your permalinks?

    Also ensure that you are using the latest version of Enfold.

    If your post images are still not being displayed, please provide us with temporary admin access to your website.




    I’m using the latest Enfold version – 3.4.7
    Disabling all plugins didn’t resolve the problem.
    What do you mean by “clearing my chance” and “flushing my permalinks” ?



    You’re getting a 404 error on the thumbnail:×180.png

    Could you try uploading and adding the image again to see if that helps?

    Best regards,


    Well now this image appears in the post.

    BUT !

    Here’s the code for this picture in my post:
    <a href=""><img class="alignright wp-image-8211" src="" alt="Kazakhstan-Russie" width="150" height="150" /></a>

    There’s no call to Kazakhstan-Russie-180×180.png !!!

    And look at this screenshot : 1. The picture appears 2. The link to the image is right 3. My question in the picture

    So why does it need Kazakhstan-Russie-180×180.png to show the Kazakhstan-Russie.png picture ?



    Seems I can’t log in since you have a security plugin active:

    Anti-Intrusive & Anti-Spamming Security Your IP address or country is not allowed to access this website – the reasons may be different. You can email an application to the administrator: postmaster [at]

    The moderators are located all over the world so it might be a good idea to turn that plugin off until you get your problem solved.

    Best regards,


    You are right. I’ve completely forgot about this safety precaution.
    You can now access it.



    To be honest I’m not 100% sure how that works, but when uploading an image to the WordPress gallery it will create a few different versions of the same image and use the optimal one with regards to the size, in this case the 180×180. You could try adding code like this instead to see if it works better:

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Kazakhstan-Russie"></a>




    I knew about WP gallery functioning, but this is the first time I got this problem since 3 years with the same blog (1 month with Enfold). And I’ve always inserted my pictures in the same manner.

    Anyway, I tried you solution and it works. Meaning : if I delete class="alignright wp-image-8211" from the picture code, it’s actually stops to link to several different thumbnails (like mentioned in the screenshot in my early reply), but exclusively to the right picture url.

    But the problem is: am I supposed to change all my pictures code in all existing posts to avoid this kind of problem in the future? This is rather time consuming. And do I have systematically to delete these classes from all my new posts?



    Not sure but I wouldn’t think so, I think this is a one off. Could the smaller version of the image have been deleted by someone? I don’t think you have to remove the classes added by WordPress unless they add some styling you don’t like, but removing this width=”150″ height=”150″ and the extra characters added to the image file should show the full size image.

    Best regards,



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