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    When i click on a portfolio item before i clicked on a specific page the page still appear in the breadcrumb and it shouldn’t, the breadcrumb variates depending on you navigation order…is there a workaround here?


    Hello Nerohm!

    Can you give us a link to the website?



    hello Ismael!

    landing page:

    portfolio itens:




    The breadcrumb looks ok. When I clicked “Energia & Gás”, the breadcrumb says “Você esta aqui:Home / Produtos / Energia & Gás”. Can you give us a screenshot of what you think is wrong with it?



    Hello Ismael,

    The “thing” is when i click on “Indústria Textil” in the menu “Produtos” and then i click on “Automolistica” for example that is from the column “Outras Industrias” the Industria textil still appear in the breadcrumb.

    Thanks a lot mate!



    I’m sorry but I don’t see the “Indústria Texti” on the menu. It is only visible as the portfolio sort menu and when I clicked on it “Automolistica” is not being sort.



    Hi Ismael !

    The “Indústria Textil” link is at the sub-menu of “Produtos” that is in the main menu.




    This is a technical limitation. WordPress doesn’t know which “portfolio grid” is the parent page of a “single portfolio entry” because the portfolio grid is actually just a shortcode which is embedded into the content. Kriesi found a workaround and Enfold now stores the id of the portfolio/grid page into a session. If this id is set the breadcrumb will show the portfolio grid link in the breadcrumb, otherwise not. So if the user first views the grid page the server will save the id into the session and as soon as the user views the single portfolio entry Enfold uses the session data to build the breadcrumb. On the other hand (if the user accesses the portfolio entry directly) it won’t save a session/id and the breadcrumb won’t show the portfolio grid page link.



    Hi Dude!

    So there is no workaround for my problem? and if i want not to show the breadcrumb at all, what should i do?




    You can add something like this on your custom.css or Quick CSS if you want to hide the breadcrumbs:

    .breadcrumb.breadcrumbs.avia-breadcrumbs {
    display: none;

    Best regards,

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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