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    I must be missing something, but I Encounter the following Problem:
    When I go to “” and select “1966 Triumph TR4-A” the breadcrumbs show correctly “You are here:Home /Inventory /1966 Triumph TR4-A”
    But when I go to “” and select ” 1966 Triumph TR4-A” from the “latest Addition widget” the breadcrumbs show “You are here:Home /Sold Cars /1966 Triumph TR4-A”

    How can I get rid of the “Sold Cars” in the Breadcrumb?
    Thank You!


    Hey fab!

    WordPress doesn’t know which “portfolio page” is the parent page of a “single portfolio entry” because the portfolio grid is actually just a shortcode which is embedded into the content of a page. Kriesi found a workaround and Enfold stores the id of the parent portfolio/grid page into a session.

    I.e. if the user first views this portfolio grid page ( ) the server will save the page id into the session and as soon as the user views the single portfolio entry (i.e. ) Enfold uses the session data and the saved page id to build the breadcrumb. If the user accesses the portfolio entry from another portfolio page: it will save another page id and the breadcrumb links will be different.

    If you don’t want to show the portfolio grid page in the breadcrumb but just the portfolio categories of the current entry you can use the code I posted here – by going this way the breadcrumbs will always have the same structure but you can’t show the portfolio grid pages in the breadcrumb.



    That worked.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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