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    So I have been trying to get the breadcrumbs short code to work and cant seem to get it going. This is what im doing. Using a child theme I

    I take this code

    //advanced title + breadcrumb function
    	function avia_title($args = false, $id = false)
    		global $avia_config;
    		if(!$id) $id = avia_get_the_id();
    		$header_settings = avia_header_setting();
    		if($header_settings['header_title_bar'] == 'hidden_title_bar') return "";
    		$defaults 	 = array(
    			'title' 		=> get_the_title($id),
    			'subtitle' 		=> "", //avia_post_meta($id, 'subtitle'),
    			'link'			=> get_permalink($id),
    			'html'			=> "<div class='{class} title_container'><div class='container'><{heading} class='main-title entry-title'>{title}</{heading}>{additions}</div></div>",
    			'class'			=> 'stretch_full container_wrap alternate_color '.avia_is_dark_bg('alternate_color', true),
    			'breadcrumb'	=> true,
    			'additions'		=> "",
    			'heading'		=> 'h1' //headings are set based on this article:
    		if ( is_tax() || is_category() || is_tag() )
    			global $wp_query;
    			$term = $wp_query->get_queried_object();
    			$defaults['link'] = get_term_link( $term );
    		else if(is_archive())
    			$defaults['link'] = "";
    		// Parse incomming $args into an array and merge it with $defaults
    		$args = wp_parse_args( $args, $defaults );
    		$args = apply_filters('avf_title_args', $args, $id);
    		//disable breadcrumb if requested
    		if($header_settings['header_title_bar'] == 'title_bar') $args['breadcrumb'] = false;
    		//disable title if requested
    		if($header_settings['header_title_bar'] == 'breadcrumbs_only') $args['title'] = '';
    		// OPTIONAL: Declare each item in $args as its own variable i.e. $type, $before.
    		extract( $args, EXTR_SKIP );
    		if(empty($title)) $class .= " empty_title ";
            $markup = avia_markup_helper(array('context' => 'avia_title','echo'=>false));
    		if(!empty($link) && !empty($title)) $title = "<a href='".$link."' rel='bookmark' title='".__('Permanent Link:','avia_framework')." ".esc_attr( $title )."' $markup>".$title."</a>";
    		if(!empty($subtitle)) $additions .= "<div class='title_meta meta-color'>".wpautop($subtitle)."</div>";
    		if($breadcrumb) $additions .= avia_breadcrumbs(array('separator' => '/', 'richsnippet' => true));
    		$html = str_replace('{class}', $class, $html);
    		$html = str_replace('{title}', $title, $html);
    		$html = str_replace('{additions}', $additions, $html);
    		$html = str_replace('{heading}', $heading, $html);
    		if(!empty($avia_config['slide_output']) && !avia_is_dynamic_template($id) && !avia_is_overview())
    			$avia_config['small_title'] = $title;
    			return $html;

    Add it to my child theme functions.php file

    I make a copy of the template-builder.php and put it in my child theme and comment out like 19 //

    I add the shortcode code at the bottom of the function i copied over to my function file

    add_shortcode( 'bread_crumb', 'avia_title' );

    then add the shortcode in a page to test but this does not work at all.

    Any help would be great.


    Hey acscreativenew!

    Give a better look here please. That is the proper method to use it out.

    Tanks a lot

    Best regards,


    so yea I did, i don’t think i missed any steps but still not working?


    So I the problem i’m running into is that it shows up twice now. When I have it set in the settings to show in the Enfold settings it shows up two times. When I turn it off both of them go away.



    Can you please give us access to your web site?

    Best regards,


    So what i’m trying to do just to give you some background. I’m trying to to create the title and breadcrumb shortcode so I can add it myself to the header.php. I want to do this so I can wrap that in a custom div and call different background for each page via a ACF field that I will create. I am trying to use

    <?php echo do_shortcode( '[bread_crumb]' ); ?>

    in my header file along with the other instructions found on using the breadcrumbs shortcode but am having no luck




    it would require a huge amount of time and customization of the theme and that is why you would need to hire a freelance developer for this job.



    Hi, So I honestly don’t think it would require a lot of customization It would really only require me getting that bread crumbs shortcode working, and thats what im having trouble with. I can’t seem to get it too work so If you could just help me get that working that would be all I needed. Please let me know what you need from me to get that working.




    Your trying to turn the breadcrumbs into a shortcode? You can try this,, it worked for another user.


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    I am using Enfold with Main Menu as sidebar left (no top header, as in the demo Enfold Photography Portfolio). Now I’d like to insert breadcrumbs to some post/pages. I tried
    but it didn’t work. Maybe to me – as a beginner – the description is not clear enough:
    1. “… add following code right after closing of ‘//advanced title + breadcrumb function’ function” -> where exactly should I add the code?
    2. Where exactly do I place the [bread_crumb] shortcode to my page/post/portfolio page? Into a colour section? Within a code block element?
    Hm. Sorry about being so confused.
    Maybe I can get some help here?
    Thanks, Ursula


    Hi @bume216,

    Please send us a temporary admin login so that we can have a closer look. You might want to start a new thread since the original poster will be able to see your details otherwise.



    Hi Rikkard, please find the login below. Thanks, Ursula.



    Breadcrumbs are disabled when side header is used. You can try using a plugin such as this one –

    Best regards,


    In some cases you may not need to put an echo before the do_shortcode. The following code could be incorrect:
    <?php echo do_shortcode( '[bread_crumb]' ); ?>
    However, this works in some situations:
    <?php $variablename = do_shortcode( '[bread_crumb]' ); ?>

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    Thanks for your input! :)

    Best regards,

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