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    Hello. The 1.8 notes mention “added several improvements to allow boxed layouts, added 4 new layouts” and “added new background images for the new layouts”? What are these items referring to? I have not seen this in the admin area. Thanks.


    Hi joe88,

    That was from the 1.1 changes where Kriesi added in the boxed layout and the predefined color schemes for it. The 1.8 notes are only:

    2013 July 16 - Version 1.8

    Added 31 detailed PSD files to the download

    files to update:
    - style.css - new version number
    - css/shortcode.css - fixed an alignment problem with extra large layouts and slideshow captions. added datepicker css. fixed ie9 portfolio problem
    - css/dynamic.css.php - added datepicker colors
    - functions.php - enqueueing child theme style.css as last css file for easier css overwrites
    - incldues/helper-template-logic.php - fixed a bug that prevented backend page and post filtering/searching

    folders to update:

    -folder config-templatebuilder:
    - added offset option to blog, postslider, product_grid and productslider
    - added various hooks to the portfolio element for advanced customization options
    - added datepicker to contact form builder
    - added add_theme_support('avia_template_builder_custom_css') flag.
    if enabled each template builder element gets an input field to add a custom css class

    -folder framework:
    - improved google maps widget. allows to set custom height
    - added datepicker html to the form generator
    - fixed a bug with old lightbox scripts which do no load jquery sortable

    -folder config-layerslider:
    - updated layerslider to version 4.6 which should fix any issues with scaling property not working
    - removed example layerslider slides and replaced it with custom ones to make the final theme zip file smaller
    this should result in less problems when uploading the theme on cheap servers




    Thanks Devin. I was looking at the full change log and must have gotten confused. You can remove this thread.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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