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    I need to use the grid row for design reasons for a custom footer on a site. I have #222222 as bacground and this need to be full width, but then I need the 2 cells/columns within to be on line with the boxed layout for the rest of the site with 1310px center. I have tried with columns and more cells within to make the space on the sides, but then it doesn’t look nice because it’s not on line with the rest. Please help!

    Kindly regards, Mathilde


    Hey mofix,

    Could you please attach a mockup of what you’re trying to achieve?

    Can you show us what you’ve got so far?

    Please post the link to the page.

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria,
    Here’s a image of what I mean:
    It will be the “footer” for all of the pages. Look link in private content.


    Hi Mathilde,

    The grid does not have the container that can be limited like that. So you need to use some other elements. Like 1/1 and two 1/2 inside.

    Best regards,


    it is always better to see a page than a screenshot.
    if you got a grid-row – you can force it to be the same way as a normal container.
    I use this often when i want to have nested containers.

    give to the grid-row a custom class: grid-notfull
    do this to your functions.php of your child-theme:

    function grid_layout_notfull(){
        $('.av-layout-grid-container.grid-notfull' ).wrap( '<div class="main_color notfullsize"></div>');
        $('.notfullsize').css({"clear": "both", "width": "100%" , "float": "left" , "position": "static" , "min-height": "100px" });
        $('.grid-notfull').css({"max-width": "1310px", "margin": "0 auto" , "padding": "0 20px"});
    add_action('wp_footer', 'grid_layout_notfull');

    you have to adjust this line to your settings:
    $('.grid-notfull').css({"max-width": "1310px", "margin": "0 auto" , "padding": "0 20px"});
    ( the padding depends on the inner padding of the grid cells (on default it is 30px – so to come to the 50px left right … )
    you see what it does: it wraps the grid-container with a div that has the attributes of a color-section.
    it has on that the background-color on default from main_color – you can overwrite that with css


    Fantastic!!!!! Thanks a lot!!! That worked very well!! You saved my day!!
    Cheers, Mathilde :-)


    Hi Mathilde,

    Glad Guenni007 could help :)

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,

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