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    Thank you for diagonal section border, it is great!

    I am looking for the way of set Bottom Section Border Styling in triangle shape:-)
    Here is screenshot
    I’ve marked section with orange border.
    Private you can find website where it is live.
    Thank you


    Hey kkwasniewski,

    You could create an image and display it as a background maybe? Otherwise you can find some CSS tricks here:




    Is it possible to create a border radius in the bottom border section? Like the site you sent. They got an orange/pink line with at the right side a border-radius. I see they used “border-bottom-right-radius: 200px”.

    Is it possible to create something like this with the enfold border bottom section? I would like to create a line that is similiar with the logo. See printscreen of my site:

    I designed an image ( white is transparent) but when I add this image to background of new content section, the image disappears behind the image above. How can I change that?

    Hope you can help me!! THANKS!



    Hey jannnnnneke,

    Please provide a link to the site/page in question so we can look into this issue further. Have you tried adjusting the z-index?

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Hi! I tried z-index, but not sure if I used the right classes.

    I’ve got maintenance mode turned on, so you can login to see the website (home page). See login in private content.

    Thank you so much!



    You see the background image is not totally visible and the image got a transparent background (.png) but on the site it seems like the content section has got an white background. The blue overlay from first section has also overlayed the 2nd section with the background image for bottom border.

    Hope you understand what I mean. See media library for the image I used as background that must overlay the section above with transparent background.



    When you add background to the 1/1 column and then change margin top to -100px, the image is having no white background, which is perfect. But than the column is not over total width of the site. Is it possible to make a 1/1 column full width?

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    So after so many messages, not sure what is the issue right now :)

    Best regards,


    I want the bottom border to be not just a line, but a line with radius. For example the pink element here:

    To make it easy for myself I thought I design a .png file which I can put as background image in content section and overlap the section above, but:

    When I use png as background in content section, the transparent area is white in stead of transparent. The blue overlay of the section above is overlapping the backgroundimage from section above. When I use png as background in 1/1 column the image is overlapping the section above, but the element is not full widht.

    See the link of test page I sent in last message and login info earlier.

    Am I clear? Thanks a lot!



    Why not add a border with border-radius?
    This should make it show way better than using an image.

    If you cant work this out maybe better to create your own ticket, with backend access details.

    Best regards,

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