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    Is it possible to add borders to images in the Propoulsion Theme ?

    How can we do this ?

    If we use “add image to slide show” we want to see all the images with a small black border.

    Otherwise if we don’t use a border, we see a thin line at the bottom of the images, is it possible to remove this.

    To options; 1 with small black border 2 no border at all, but now it appears sometimes and sometimes it don’t appear.

    Thank a lot. cheers, Annabelle & Elke



    Please provide a URL to the location where this event is taking place. Since there are so many ways to customize this theme, and with a number of updates released, -there is no sure way for us to provide you with a reliable answer without first looking at the code.

    Your best bet is to mask the link using http://www.goo.gl or show a page on the demo site which displays the behavior. However. a screenshot alone is not very helpful since we need to see the html/css/js code particular to your situation in order to provide a meaningful solution.

    You can mask the url with http://www.goo.gl



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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