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    Dear Kriesi,

    When is these problems solved: There is always a border, which isn’t defined.
    Inside standard CSS, there is always a border defined. If all of your clients want a border, then you have implemented a feature in all section, to show a border. If I define “None”, why is a border shown. In this example: Between color section and normal section.

    Please revise your file.I must define for every client extra CSS to hide this unwanted border. It’s into container wrap.
    This is your standard installation without any changes, You see, i have not defined any border.

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    Thanks for contacting us!

    We are going to delete default borders in upcoming version :)

    Best regards,


    I could live with it ; – that is the only line to add:
    .container_wrap { border-top: none !important; }

    the 1/1 container is not a full-width container – and the border on the 1/1 container ALB is a Frameborder
    – so to have on top a border full-width it is easier to set it up this way by default and get rid of it via that one-liner.
    Is it realy too much to set this one line of css in your code?


    Yigit: Thanks

    @ Günni: With this reply, I have multiple questions in my mind:

    Was this a multiple user request to implement the border at this point, which sometimes only appears in certain resolutions, which certainly not every user tests? If this a wish from many users, ok, then I would change my mind.
    Is it not easier to set this as code, if required. Now, all clients have 3 line extra code (Besides the other tons of manual CSS that are unfortunately necessary for every Enfold theme) Is this border needed, clients can also define it, right?
    Why is just this default style and thickness the right one for all users?
    Is it based on a user case with a survey, which case is better?
    If this is desired by many users, then of course I always set the same border in all customer applications. In all installations with Enfold, I haven’t come across a single case where this border was even remotely helpful.




    I tried deleting it but it causes other issues so i need to test it more. So i need some more time. Issue is open on our Git so when we have a conclusion, i will let you know here :)

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit,

    With this snippet from Günther, it’s a little bit helpful, but in Developer Console and response View testing like iPad it is furthermore shown.

    Thanks for investigation.



    Dear Support? I must ask again:

    When is it fixed with the border line, which isn’t defined, but there between section?

    This borderline is also in conflict with the contact form layout. If I change borders to white, in every case, the contact form borders also penetrated.

    I want to ask again: When do you fix the undefined section border lines? Today, manual CSS coding must be done.






    Please post the site URL so that we could check the section with the border. This is maybe the default top border of the section which is automatically generated when an element is not wrapped inside a color section.

    Best regards,


    Dear Ismael,

    you don’t need a side link. Take a look at the pictures, at guennies answer and yigits.
    It’s a conflict in you css.
    This is standard behavior. You can test it in a fresh installation of enfold. It’s at every fresh enfold installation, that we must manipulate CSS to remove the unwanted grey border.

    Yiggit, Guenni etc has found it also. And the forum is full of that. You have the same calls again and again.
    You have a border definition between color sections. And if we turn it Off inside the color section properties, there is one.





    Thank you for the update.

    Looks like the default border for the color section element has been removed in the latest version. In the page below, we added 3 succeeding color sections with text blocks in each, and they are all without border.

    // https://imgur.com/a/3QPgERD

    Best regards,

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