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    I noticed that since the new update some of my text has become more bold than in the previous version. Also, while scrolling the text appears to flash between bold and not as bold. Would the new update have affected fonts at all?

    I have reverted to the old version for the meantime due to this and a few other changes.



    Hey jgoldberg1983!

    Yes, we had to change some style rules because of the new html5 markup. Re-saving the theme settings should solve the issue though because Enfold will regenerate the dynamic stylesheet as soon as you save the settings.



    Hi Dude, thanks. I reinstalled the theme but this issue isn’t resolved. It did fix the issue with the bar appearing between sidebar and content but my fonts still look different and flicker. Please help! =)



    It isn’t a matter of re-installing the theme but going to your theme settings>Styling tab and changing a setting and re-saving those options. This regenerates the themes style sheet with all the new settings.

    Best regards,


    Done and it fixed the bar but not the text. Also noticed that the mobile menu icon doesn’t appear correctly, and there were some alignment issues in firefox. Reverting to the previous version. Sorry.


    I’ll go ahead and close the topic then.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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