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    Hello guys!

    For a couple of weeks ago I purchased the “Replete business theme” and since then I had a lot of trouble with the images in my shop.

    It seems like the pictures are being increased to a ridiculous size in the shop, to like 1038 x 727, and then decreased on the “FrontPage” to show a preview of the products. There you can see how blurry they are. It is nothing wrong with the images that I ´ve uploaded and they are of a good quality as you can see below the huge image if you click on one of the products at the homepage.

    I want it to look like something similar to this:

    I´ve spent hours trying to figure it out and I have downloaded the “regenerate thumbnail” but nothing seems to work. I would love to not change any code since I want to be able to upgrade the theme without any problems. Can somebody please help me?

    Regards, from Sweden.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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