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    I want my single author blog style to display my post but with an excerpt only.

    I have created a page called blog.

    In enfold admin I have tell that I wanted my blog to be displayed on the page called “blog”.

    On the page “blog” I have inserted a blog module. In the options I have selected “single author…” and I have selected “excerpt with read more”.

    When I go on my page I have the full post and not an excerpt. How do I fix that? I don’t think I’ve done something wrong…

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    Which theme version are you using? I can’t reproduce this issue with Enfold 1.5.1.

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    I am using the last version 1.5.1. I figured out something.

    I think I made a mistake by adding a “blog” module on the page where I told enfold admin I wanted the blog. That creates a conflict. I thought that because I chose my page called blog to display the blog I hade to put a blog module on it but that was a mistake.

    I didn’t need the blog module on that page ;-)

    Just one thing, if I want to put a grid layout and all my featured images to appear the same size do I need them to be at least 495 x400 or they will have different size if some are smaller (300×300 for example)?

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    Hi chryseis,

    The images should be the same proportions if you want them to come out the same. WordPress can be a little funny on how it actually creates the thumbnails so the less it has to do the better the result.

    Eg, if you want to make sure they look their best try and use images that are all larger than needed and cropped to the same pixel dimensions.




    thanks a lot Devin!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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