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    Hi – No matter what I seem to do, the sidebar that I set my blog page to display does not display. Instead, the standard “Pages” “Categories”, etc. sidebars display.

    Why is this happening? And how do I get the blog to display the sidebar I tell it to? Thanks!


    Hi wss310,

    How are you trying to set it now? What should work is creating a new page named “Blog”. On that page in the editor switch over to the Advanced Layout Editor and then add a single 1/1 layout element. Now add a Blog element inside that element and select all the categories and display options you want for the blog page.

    Now on the right hand side of the editor there is a meta box labeled “Layout”. Choose the sidebar side you want from the first dropdown and then from the Sidebar Setting choose the “Sidebar Blog”.

    After saving this page will have the blog content and the sidebar widget from the sidebar blog at the top and then the other widgets from Display everywhere and pages after (since WordPress has cascading widget areas).




    Same problem for me…


    Please follow the same steps I outline above.


    Devin…I have this exact same problem but it’s with the Shop page. I’ve already tried creating a new Shop page per your instructions. I added the specific sidebar and widgets I want….when the page is displayed it still shows whatever it wants….currently a list of every page available in Enfold. Nothing I have done seems to correct it.


    Hi airbur,

    The shop page operates differently. WooCommerce takes complete control over its output so in order to change it you need to either use Woocommerce php templates or custom filters/actions with php.


    For the sidebar content, the sidebar will get pulled from the widget area for all pages, then the regular pages widget area and finally the shop page widget area. You can use a plugin like this to get more control over specific widgets using conditionals:



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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