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    I’m not really that used to setting up a blog (I use WP for other purposes) so forgive me if these questions seem rather simple:-)

    On the blog pages (add posts) is there no page builder element? I can only use WP basic?

    I would like to add a social share bar at the bottom of blog entries before the comment section, this is quite standard really – is this option available in Enfold?

    Categories – is is possible to show blank category names in the widget? I would like to show a list but of course not all categories currently have information so if I could list the category name followed by 0 (just like when you an item in a category it tells you how many posts there are in there)

    Thanks for the advise



    Hey awilson3rd!

    Yes, blog posts are for posts and the layout is not dynamic like on pages or portfolios so there is no advanced layout editor option.

    Themeforest Themes and most of WordPress themes are removing content like sharing from themes and recommending users find a plugin that has what they are looking for. So Enfold doesn’t have sharing options built in because of this.

    The easiest way to control the categories list would be to make a new menu with the Menus manager and just add the categories you want to it. Then add a custom menu widget with that menu to the blog sidebar.

    Otherwise deleting those categories until they have content would be the other option.



    Hello Devin,

    Thanks for the advise and the menu tip!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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