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    I just recently relaunched a site and as of Friday the blog entries were displaying perfectly using a plugin named Content Views. On my “news” page I used a code block to display the formatted blog post summaries. For some reason, the news page is simply dumping default display of blog content even though I have specified otherwise in the Enfold settings. Please refer to the screenshots below. Need some help here, this is really strange.


    This even gets stranger. I just duplicated the “news” page and called it “media”. When I view the page outside the editor it shows all my news posted correctly formatted as shown in the first screenshot. I rename it to “news” and back to the incorrect display as shown in graphic #2.

    That’s just plain stupid. I have no blog page selected in the Enfold them options.



    Thank you for using Enfold.

    Please provide the login details in the private field. Have you tried to set the page as the theme’s blog page?

    Best regards,


    I had the Enfold settings for the blog page set to the news page and nothing showed up that I had created in the advanced editor. You can see from the screenshot above that it disregarded what was in the grid row and just dumped the unformatted blog content on the page. Why exactly would this happen? When I created the replacement page and did not select the blog page in the Enfold settings, all showed up just fine.

    Why would something change up on its own?



    I am afraid we cant do a lot, if we do not have access.
    It is required so we can review and help you manage the issue…

    Best regards,

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