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    I have a issue with the arrows that navigate between posts. When you can go from one to another, its going backwards….I would like to switch them around so when I click the “Next” arrow, it moves to the following post in the order on my Blog page and not in the order it is now. My site is http://thbchilere.cl/sitio_nuevo/blog-grid/

    Im not sure if I explain myself, basically just switch de order of the arrows….


    I have the same question. Seems like the right arrow should be for the next post. How to change?



    Open functions-enfold.php:

    Search for this lines (341-343):

            $entries['prev'] = get_previous_post($same_category);
            $entries['next'] = get_next_post($same_category);

    Replace them by this:

            $entries['prev'] = get_next_post($same_category);
            $entries['next'] = get_previous_post($same_category);

    Best regards,


    Many thanks!


    Thanks Josue!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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