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    There is a compressor that changes the dimensions of any image I set as a feature image in the blog. These dimensions are only displaying part of the image, instead of the entire image. Moreover, only a small cut of the image is displayed in-post, instead of the full image. I have tried adding custom CSS to correct the problem, though I have been unsuccessful to date. I have also looked through the videos on but have not found a solution to the problem. Does anyone know how I can gain control over the images that are displayed as feature in the blogs?



    The best way to go about it, is to first install the Simple Image Sizes plugin ( ). The plugin will give you complete control over images: setting constraints for specific locations like blog, thumbnails, portfolio, gallery, shop, etc. along with the ability to set whether to crop an image or not in Settings > Media.

    Changing the dimensions of images does NOT automatically change all the images already uploaded but only affects new uploads. To change the sizes of images already uploaded, you will need to use the Regenerator – also a part of the Simple Image Sizes and found on the bottom of Settings Media. Don’t forget that images scale down, so always upload images bigger (or the same) as the constraints you set in Settings > Media (with the plugin) or you will get blurry (stretched) or incomplete images.

    You can add your custom image size to use by following this tutorial but fpr the last part where instead of gallery you would add blog image. (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -page-and-disable-lightbox#post-123789




    Thanks for the reply Nick,

    I have installed the SIS plugin and set a custom image size as indicated here: and here:

    However, when I go into Posts and set a Feature Image, I do not have the Attachment Display Settings option seen here:

    The only option I have is Attachment Details, which includes sub-options of Edit Image, Delete Permanently, Title, Caption, Alt Text, and Description.

    Needless to say, I still cannot control the dimensions of the Feature Image in Posts, nor the in-page image in the blog. How else should I configure the SIS plugin? Any other recommendations?

    Thank you for your time.



    I am gonna assume the size of your image that you want is 950width and 150 height. So change as appropriate

    Image Size on Main Blog Page.

    Ok . The instructions above that you followed would create the image size you want, but on the main blog page ,

    just need to follow one more step

    Here you can see dimensions on the main blog page

    Instructions for Individual Blog Posts (image size)

    On the individual blog pages, i think the image size is set 180×180, correct? So you would need to go to Media > Settings and find where it says 180×180 and change it to 950×150. And looking on that page I see there is Square Size which is 180×180.

    1. Now change it to look like this

    2. Then you need to regenerate like this:

    3. Save (below regenerate button)

    4.You must add this css to /css/customl.css or it wont work.

    #top.single-post .small-preview {
    #top .fullsize .template-blog .blog-meta {
    #top .fullsize .template-blog .post .entry-content,#top .fullsize .template-blog .post-title,#top .fullsize .template-blog .post .entry-content>* {
    max-width: 900px;

    (if regenerate doesn’t work, then just delete the blog post image, and upload it again and it will be of the correct size. it means you don’t have enough memory and will have to re-upload the blog post images one by one. However it works almost always).

    Here is how it looks for me now resized:




    It worked! Thanks so much.

    Just out of curiosity, how does the regenerate button work? Does it just target images that have the same dimensions as those for the name that is checked? (i.e., if Rectangle has dimensions of 500×400, are all images 500×400 in size automatically categorized as “Rectangle”? Does Regenerate then automatically target them?) I’d like to know in case I have to use this feature again in the future, I would like to know how to use it properly.



    When you upload every single image, it is saved in 20 sizes (or however many sized you see in Settings > Media since it doesn’t know where you will use it, it saves it every possible way but keeps the original as well. So when you regenerate, it takes the original image you uploaded and makes an extra size which is new compared to first time it saved all 20 images.

    It adds to the end of each image it resizes the dimensions and saves the new image with the same name you uploaded it plus adds the dimensions at the end hello.jpg becomes hello.550×320.jpg for example plus how many other sizes the theme needs. When it resizes it checks database for the sizes used in the theme and compares them to the image files located in the folder by stripping the ends of the images which contain the dimensions 500×320 and compares that to the database, if different, it creates a new copy of the image with the new size and name and saves it.

    size of image is only checked against database name which you can see in Settings > Media that distinguishes each of the images. Name of Image is mapped to Location Name in Theme. So you can have every single image location be 550×320 and it will know exactly which images belong where.

    Rectangle is just a word used so we people can easily deal with it. You can call it a circle if you like or 34jkkjh, it makes no difference to the code, it will just map it. Kriesi named it rectangle but he could have called it puppy or x3333e.

    To use it properly , press the regenerate button and it will do everything for you. If it sees that there is already an image with that identical name and that identical size, it will skip, however you can not upload 2 different images with an identical name into the same folder, since the second image will overwrite the first.

    This is the power of wordpress, that there are thousands of these plugins that extend the functions of each theme. You should spend some time in the plugin repository, they got a lot of neat stuff there.




    Thanks much Nick.


    Anytime. Enjoy the theme.


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